Entity Relationship Modeling

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  • Entity Relationship Modeling

    Ich habe die Aufgabe für das präsentierte Szenario ein EntityRelationshipModel zu entwerfen.
    Mein erster Versuch ist als Image eingefügt.
    Was haltet ihr davon? Verbesserungsvorschläge wären sehr hilfreich.

    Vielen Dank


    The conference will be a forum for the presentation of new research and/or applications of IT. A leaflet
    has been sent to leading academics and practitioners, and a world wide advertising campaign has been
    launched. The organisers anticipate a few hundred papers to be submitted for the conference. All the
    submissions are to be reviewed by referees and, due to the length of the conference, no more than 104
    papers are to be accepted. Each paper that is accepted will be classified into one of the conference
    ITC2007 will last for 4 days, during which 8 topics (eg. Databases etc.) will be discussed in two
    parallel streams. The conference sessions will be held in 2 large lecture theatres, each session lasting a
    maximum of 1 hour and being dedicated to one of the topics; each topic therefore takes 4 sessions.
    The organising committee appoints the referees. Every referee must be an authority in one of the
    conference topics and is solely responsible for reviewing all submissions within his area. It is the
    organisers’ intention that there are an equal number of submissions per topic; hence only 13 papers per
    topic will be allowed.
    Several thousand delegates are expected to attend the conference. When enrolling, every delegate is
    required to provide some personal data (eg. Title, name, affiliation, address …) and state which
    session(s) they wish to register for; this is required for calculating the individual fee for every single
    The standard single session fee is £100. The following discount scheme will apply: 20% reduction for
    all conference authors with papers accepted, 30% for authors who actually present the papers at the
    conference and 40% for the session chairperson. Every delegate can register for as many sessions as
    they wish, provided the selected sessions do not clash. The delegates may change their initial choice by
    adding or deleting specific sessions. However, the delegate’s choice made one week before the
    conference starts is regarded as final.
    The required database is to hold all the relevant data about the delegates, their individual fees and
    payments made towards these fees. The necessary details about all the submitted papers and
    particularly those accepted for presentation (together with their session allocations) are also to be
    stored. The basic function of the database is to provide information on the conference programme and
    registration status of the delegates.

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