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    Distinctive items offer the opportunity to provide huge bonuses in a reasonable way that would simply not become possible on Rares due to balance issues. On a Special item, we can add disadvantages or keep the remaining mods from being too effective. We can also also offer mods with nice, circular numbers that are memorable as well as fun, for example we can create a maul with +150% Harm or some armor with +1000 Life.

    As you see, we are able to make items much more concentrated than Rares, catering to some specific build or assisting an interesting theme. We can additionally sometimes have one or two mods with a variable range, to provide players something they can update towards perfection. The taste text helps strengthen the actual identity of an item, besides making the player feel like they have discovered something ancient and unique. Finding Unique items on the planet can also reveal pieces of the particular puzzle that is Wraeclast’s mystical past.

    The item’s idea can be…
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