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    Leonardo Suarez
    Villarreal’s Leonardo Suarez is a comparatively unknown quantity. The particular 20-year-old plays inside the youth setup in the La Liga pub and has not yet burst open cheap fifa 18 coins onto the main field. However , several hunt reports have said that his features are similar to those of his / her fellow countryman, Lionel Messi.
    Suarez’s total rating in PAURA 17 stands with a meagre 71, yet he has the potential to move up to 82 amongst people. What sets the dog apart is his particular incredibly high flexibility (88) and equilibrium (91) ratings. Furthermore, for a player whoever overall rating is merely 71, his drible at 81 and also pace at 80 are pretty outstanding.
    Playing with the Argentine in the game is also extremely enjoyable as you can effortlessly skip past takes up and make your way to the opposition fut 18 coins Of course, finishing can be frustrating on a few situations, but his capacity to make incisive moves more than makes up for that.
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