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    People like to feel powerful. Philosophically, we want people to look forward to returning from work so that they can wrap up Path of Exile, demolish some monsters and get a great deal better items for their characters. The energy creep towards fast obvious speed has definitely really helped this feeling.

    On the other hand, there are lots of negative issues we're managing. Higher clear speed signifies more combat going on each second. This affects the two server performance (costing us all more money) and the buyer performance (in some cases, rendering it hard for people with lower products to play in parties). These are typically areas that we're fixing at the moment with technology alterations.

    While some players and builders are concerned about the clear gears, there's the subtle matter that now players are used to raising of item acquisition as a result speed. If we substantially rebalanced things so that it's a very little slower, then this would impact the rate at which…
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