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    The cynic ESO Xbox Gold EU could, quite rightly, point out that the best games on the current gen consoles came out in 2013, provided the WiiU is excluded from the conversation. Blending elements of old school and new school game design, the game also successfully melds Japanese and Western styles.

    This release includes some of the biggest developer updates to Chrome for Android since its launch last year, bringing many features available on other Chrome versions to Android as well. If you decide to walk on your own, you can find Holgunn in a mansion near the northern end of Davon's Watch.

    If anyone can make this work, it's Bungie.. Hopefully, the new Star Wars 1313 title that LucasArts have been teasing will go some way to writing those wrongs. The game will be released Nov. Players can create their own character and customize their own look and the way that they fight.

    Players will have the ability to join one of three factions, the Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact or the…
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