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    During Terrorbird Rushing, you can join in the race across Misthalin for Buy OSRS Gold an amount of Speed XP in light from the speed to complete the actual course. For the XP is purely depending on time, you’s much better use teleports in order to the course as quickly as possible. If you want to get higher scores, it will help to get other people place Prisms of Salvation across the routes.
    However , in case you don’t have Prisms associated with Salvation, you need to quicken things by teleports.
    one Run through the first gateway simply.
    2 . Teleport to the Champions' Guild with a Combat Band and head to the west for the 2nd checkpoint.
    3. Use an Explorer's Ring 3 or even above to cabbageport and then go to the north to the 3rd gate.
    4. Teleport towards Wizard's tower having a Traveller's Necklace as well as run north to your 4th gate.
    five. Run east to 5th gate right after teleporting to the Drinking water Altar with the Awesome Hood.
    6. Proceed north for the sixth gate after…
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