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    The game Seattle Seahawks sit in the home against the Atlanta Falcons. The Seahawks will not see team cornerback Richard Sherman on the court, for the first time since 2011 without him. Seattle Seahawks sits at home record is impressive, since the 2012 season, the Seahawks at home to Buy Madden 18 Coins get the league's best 37 wins and 7 losses (84.1% winning percentage) success. Equally astonishing is Wilson and Peter Carroll's record of 10-1 in this prime time Monday night race. Wilson and Carol partner is also the most successful quarterback and head coach combination since 2012.

    The Saints have won seven straight games after a two-game losing streak this season. According to Elias Sports Bureau statistics, NFL history, the only team to get eight straight after a two-game losing streak in the team is the 1947 Chicago Bears. The Saints will be playing Redskins at home this Sunday, the last opponent of their eight-game winning streak.
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