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    Obtaining the item falling on the ground was dangerous, so I really wanted in order to avoid that, because players may lose their build-enabling merchandise (even if it was wisely allocated). So the item necessary to stay in the player's products. The two options, then, could either just allow the participant to keep wielding the blade while a copy of it has been animated to buy poe Chaos Orb, or to disable the product and leave the player south florida. The first option was less complicated, but I found the second alternative much more fascinating and much more quite like my original concept. Following discussion with the other computer programmers, we decided that the product could stay in the catalog but disable itself.

    Virtually any support gems in the thing would affect the minion, and also would be deliberately snapshotted to help keep their effect, even after the particular gems were disabled with all the item. The animated minion would be a special type that could make it…
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