The actual Harbinger Challenge League is exclusive in that alongside its video game mechanics

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  • The actual Harbinger Challenge League is exclusive in that alongside its video game mechanics, we also released a new decipherable language. Town has been collaborating in an effort for poe Chaos Orb to decide the meaning behind the Harbinger Glyphs. We wanted to share these types of efforts with the wider local community and look further into the dialect, the design behind it and also to give some hints regarding its hidden secrets.

    Immediately, some canny community people started theorising that the vocabulary may not be a simple english cypher; Redditor "IPostStupidThings", in spite of their own username, proposed the theory that the piece of Harbinger text may consist of glyphs linked through connecting symbols, and these glyphs were words connected simply by symbols that denoted their particular interaction.

    This theory turned out to be popular and as such, work started on figuring out the potential which means behind them. Player "Toshis8" a new forum post sharing their findings, and he and other exclusion have been working hard to determine the that means behind the various symbols within this thread here.

    The terminology is suspected to be pictographic, similar to egyptian hieroglyphs, meaning that some symbols may be determinable by their appearance. One concept is that some symbols seem to be heavily contextual, so anything could have a different meaning whenever used in a different context. Each day, these exiles get nearer and closer to deciphering the actual Harbingers' secrets.

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